For People, Places & Planet

Above photographs by Tina Claffey

A Brief Introduction

Green Offaly is a not for profit countywide Green Regeneration enterprise operating as a Development Trust. We began life as an Offaly Public Participation Network Initiative; devised as a solution to the Government’s Project 2040 seminar, ‘Empowering Communities in the Fight against Climate Change’.

Latest News from the Green Blog

Green Offaly Projects

Green Offaly Projects is the income generating aspect of GO Sustainable Development Trust. We aim to be a self financing company and as such we are building income generating Social Enterprise into the heart of everything we do.

Green Futures

Our Green Futures Education, Training and Research programmes will cover all the aspects of learning that we will need to make the Transition to a truly sustainable future.

Sustainable Communities

The Three Strands of Sustainability are Environment, Economy and Everybody. When all three elements are strong, people live in a system where a high quality life is the norm.

Climate Change

The planet is in crisis both from global warming and the rapid biodiversity and species loss that scientists are calling the 6th Great Extinction. EVERYTHING is changing and it feels overwhelming. Is it an impossible task?

Become a Volunteer

Green Offaly will be seeking Volunteers from across the County: We need your passion for the planet, your expertise and your time and energy in a wide variety of areas.

Become a Friend

From Green Bee Memberships to becoming a Green Offaly Mentor or joining our Gold Sponsors list; you can help us to deliver for People, Places and Planet.

Talk To Green Offaly

Green Offaly looks forward to working in partnership with our Communities as we embark on our 20 year journey of ‘doing the green thing’ together.

"The difficult is that which can be done immediately; the impossible that which takes a little longer."

- George Santayana